A creation by Ta Thanh Tam 2008

lacquer | 36 X 44 inches

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Ta Thanh Tam




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36 X 44 inches



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The Artist

Ta Thanh Tam

Ta Thanh Tâm was born in 1960 in Hanoi.

She is graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts College in 1993.

Member of Hanoi Fine Arts Association.

Exhibition of her paintings in many countries, i.e. Vietnam, Denmark, Switzerland and USA.

With her paintings in lacquer, Tâm dwells on people’s life, inspired by people and traditions of the Red River Delta. Her inspirations roots from oriental philosophy, Buddhism. Pagodas, days Tâm, are a symbol of tranquility and provide an avenue of escape for most people from their mundane lifestyles. Adopting a fairly simplistic painting style, Tâm often reinforces a painting’s fundamental theme by placing the protagonist on a plain background.

Tâm seeks to convey the genuine emotion of people living in local villages through her art, thereby showing them in their natural light. Emotion-positive or negative-stands out in all of Tam’s paintings, a deliberate tactic she will to go great lengths to point out. She says she wishes to amaze audiences with an innovative use of color and a complexity of images. She uses modern techniques, but simple and basic, rooted in established engravings and wood carvings. Her colors are high and flat on plum backgrounds. Her deep black contour lines draw shapes and figures with a great presence. Everything comes down to the brush stroke and its dynamic balance, following eastern painting tradition. Tâm succeeds through her modern techniques in showing us the heart of this very Vietnamese kind of beauty. She says that her art had, in part, helped her overcome her difficulties with polio in her early childhood.

Photo of the artist Ta Thanh Tam