Little girl

A creation by Do Thi Kim Doan Updating

Lacquer | 27,56 x 21,65 inches

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Do Thi Kim Doan




7800 CAD




27,56 x 21,65 inches



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The Artist

Do Thi Kim Doan

Born in 1958

Place of birth: Hanoi

Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art College – Term N0 21 (1977 – 1982)

Member of the Viet Nam Association of plastic arts workers

Having paintings not only preserved at Fine Art Museum of Vietnam but also in a private collection in American, Singapore, France, Japan, etc…

Do Thi Kim Doan works mainly on portraits, especially those of the ethnic minority women and children in the North of Vietnam. Her paintings have a coherent structure and melodic rhythm. Her deformed plastic art is natural and her graphic lines are fluent. She uses many tones of colors including the cold one which is not familiar with traditional lacquer. Many people say that her art style and herself is just one.

Photo of the artist Do Thi Kim Doan