Rice flower tree

A creation by NGO DUC HOANG 2019

Lacquer | 47,25 x 94,5 inches

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17,000 CAD



47,25 x 94,5 inches



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The Artist


1974 - Born in Hanoi, Vietnam

1999 - Graduated from Fine Arts Departement - The Vietnam State Film University


1996 - Participated in the Propaganda Poster Exhibition of Appealing Humanity Blooddonation. Hanoi

1997 - Participated in the Hanoi Capital Fine Arts Exhibition. Hanoi

1998 – 2001 - Participated in the Asian Fine Arts Exhibition. Hanoi

2001 - Group Exhibition: “April’s Colours”. Opera Gallery. Hanoi
- First solo Exhibition: “Shades of Springtime”. Hilton Hanoi Opera.
- The World’s Premier Contemporary ASIAN ART Exhibition – Singapore.

2005 - The World's Premier Contemporary ASIAN ART Exhibition - Singapore

2006 - Group Exhibition: "The International Arts In Yongin City" Korea.

2009 - Second solo Exhibition: “Den hen lai len”, in Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

2010 - Exhibition “Summer Time” with artist Nguyen Chau Minh. 16 Ngo Quyen Hanoi.

2012 - Group Exhibition “Hanoi’s autumn colors shine in Saigon” at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts.

2014 - Group Exhibition “The Essence of Abstraction” . Agora Gallery, New York. USA.

2016 - Solo Exhibition “Les Enchanteresses” in Sofitel Plaza, Hanoi.

2017 - Group Exhibition “Human Right H20” Rovereto Trento, Italy.

Recently: Works and lives in Hanoi

Add new Article – Love of the Land

One can easily feel Hoang’s love for the Kinh Bac culture, especially for the beauty inherent in the Quan Ho traditions as well as ethnic practices prevalent in the Northern mountainous areas. In his paintings, space seems to be overflowing definde only by earthy colour blocks that give prominence to the symbolic figures – the colours reminding us of those primarily used in Dong Ho folk paintings.

His characteristic symbols, standing out in colour block, reveal more than just a touch of influence from the traditional Vietnamese plastic arts – “using figure to express meannings”. At times, Hoang’s colouring is smooth and unbroken bearing much likeness to that of the Dong Ho folk paintings, at other times, his bold blends different shades to create a richness in texture that reminds one of the colouring method seen in Hang Trong folk paintings.

In a nutshell, Ngo Duc Hoang has succeeded in establishing his own style in wich decorative factors are featured in harmony with plastic art elements – a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity that portrays today’s perception of beauty.

By Le Quoc Bao

Photo of the artist NGO DUC HOANG