Autumn day 2022

A creation by Nguyen Van Duc 2022

Acrylic on canvas | 60 x 80 cm, 24 x 31 inches

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Nguyen Van Duc








60 x 80 cm, 24 x 31 inches


Acrylic on canvas

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The Artist

Nguyen Van Duc

Vietnamese artist Van Duc Nguyen (1976). He has become familiar with his colleagues and the public who love painting by painting mountainous landscapes in a romantic realistic style. However, the number of his works in a contemporary style is not much. Still, it is enough to affirm a Nguyen Van Duc with a different story, a world of fairy tales and nostalgia for his childhood associated with his homeland. rooftops, gardens, barefoot mothers, crazy hats, buffalo herds and endless fields...
That story is sometimes fluttering in vibrant colours full of energy when it is quiet in the deep red, deep blue or sudden changes to elegant palettes, colours like smoke. …
The contemporary art of artist Van Duc Nguyen has a very strong attraction, that even gives the viewer a feeling of joy, standing still, and then which are constantly following the image, the strokes, and the ideas that he has. The artist leads to thinking of the private realm. Sometimes I thought that his energy keeps rushing out, overflowing, as if each material surface turns out to be cramped. Also, the image and the strokes blend into the colours, so they move together. It's hard to resist, for me it's not called "excess", but a little "excess". I would like somewhere in his paintings to reduce that awkward "excess", to add to the sharp gaps in the form, to add succinctness, to add laziness, to add the necessary deep affection...

Photo of the artist Nguyen Van Duc