Summer 2022

A creation by Nguyễn văn Hùng 2022

Acrylic and oil on canvas | 100 x 150 cm, (39 x 59 inches)

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Nguyễn văn Hùng







100 x 150 cm, (39 x 59 inches)


Acrylic and oil on canvas

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The Artist

Nguyễn văn Hùng

Loving the loneliness in the majestic nature that makes artist Hung Ro like to blend in with the quiet and peaceful flow of the mountains and the sea. Actually, this lifestyle has helped him create works of art that touch the inner source of each person, which is emptiness. In a conversation with a collector, Hung sincerely confided: “My whole childhood was associated with the forests, where I often went to school. That closeness, familiarity, and poetry gradually ingrained in my subconscious mind from time to time, and then they inspired me to draw scenes that bring a sense of tranquility and depth." For him, creativity is life. So, when it comes to balance in the arts, he thinks that commitment and regular work every day will bring about the ability to mentally self-regulate to a stable state. Therefore, Hung Nguyen's paintings also have the color of meditation: quiet, fanciful, but all drawn from many simple and rustic things. It is precisely because he takes the material of everyday life such as nature as his inspiration to create, that his works also easily touch the familiar emotions of each person.

Photo of the artist Nguyễn văn Hùng